Aaron’s Commercial!

William Fearney, principal actor in this commercial for Aaron's.

France’s Got Talent

Arthur Cadre makes the finale of France's Got Talent!

Music Video – Neyo

Saidah Nairobi, Jasmine Harper, Princess Mbanuzue principal dancers in this video with Neyo.

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

Jasmine Harper performing on SYTYCD as an All-Star.


Actor Jon Fritchi makes the art cover of Kill The Messenger. Congrats!

Viral Video

Marquese Scott built the best Youtube Dance Channel in the world posting videos like this one. 19 million views and counting...

Iggy Azalea (ABC)

Saidah Nairobi (stage right) performing with Iggy Azalea.

Zombieland (2009)

Actor Gordon Neil in action with Jesse Eisenberg.


Jessica Rivera, as principle actress in this episode of ID Discovery.

Taylor Swift

Jasmine Harper (stage left) performing with Taylor Swift @ 2014 MTV VMA Awards.

Usher Tour

Saidah Nairobi (stage right) performing with Usher.

Lil Wayne Tour

Candis Osborne on tour with Lil Wayne.

Beyonce On The Run Tour

Kimberly Gipson (stage right) on tour with Beyonce.

Justin Bieber Tour

Ely Quinones performing with Justin Bieber.

Iggy Azalea

Saidah Nairobi (stage right) performing with Iggy Azalea.

Coca Cola Commercial

Xcel Talent produced this web commercial for Coca Cola, reaching 1.5 million views in 30-days. All talent booked are clients of Xcel Talent.

Breakdancing to Awolnation

Arthur Cadre showing his amazing skills.

Usher Tour

Saidah Nairobi (stage left) performing with Usher.

America’s Best Dance Crew (MTV)

Royal Flush Dance Crew performing on MTV.

Bollywood Hero (IFC)

Longinus Fernandes choreographing Chris Kattan and Neha Dhupia in Bollywood Hero.


RemoteKontrol performing on So You Think You Can Dance.

Degree Women Commercial

Jasmine Harper, the new face of Degree Women.

Ellen DeGeneres Show (NBC)

Marquese Scott on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

CMA Christmas (ABC)

Gissette Valentin performing with Jennifer Nettles on ABC.

Alabama Power Commercial

Jessica Rivera, Brandon Sauve and Pam Sauve star in this commercial for Alabama Power.

BET Awards

Saidah Nairobi and Liz LeGrande performing with Ciara.


Longinus Choreographer Bollywood choreography on SYTYCD Canada.

Justin Bieber Tour

Ely Quinones performing with Justin Bieber.

Beyonce (ABC)

Kimberly Gipson (stage left) performing with Beyonce.

Oprah Farewell Show

Carson Seeley, Kimberly Gipson, Jessica Kariz performing with Beyonce.

Broadway ‘Monkey King’ China

Apollo Levine in the lead role of Monkey King.

Jason Derulo

Maya Estephanos with Jason Derulo.

Krystal’s Commercial

Jordan Melton and Reginald Robinson featured as principal actors for Krystal's commercial.

Country Music Awards (CMT)

Sheena Knight, Alicia McPhee performing with LeAnne Rimes.

Justin Bieber Tour

Ely Quinones center stage with Justin Bieber.

Ciara Tour

Tierra Brown performing with Ciara.

Google Chrome Commercial

Poppin John and Marquese Scott featured in this commercial for GoogleChrome.

Toni Braxton (AE)

Maya Estephanos and Sora Connor performing on AE with Toni Braxton. Cici Kelley in the role of the choreographer.

Taylor Swift Tour

Clifton Pierce performing with Taylor Swift.

AMC Theatres Commercial

Margaret Moseley as principal actress in this AMC Theatre Commercial.

MTV Video Music Awards

Saidah Nairobi, Kimberly Gipson, Tierra Brown, Neo Lynch, Maya Estephanos, Sora Connor center stage with Beyonce.

CMA Christmas (ABC)

Abbey Moody, Carson Seeley, Dani Heverin, Erin Ellis performing with Kellie Pickler.

Arsenio Hall Show (CBS)

Actress Ernestine Johnson brought down the house with her performance on CBS.

Ceelo Green

Monica Wilson & Ashleigh Nyee center stage with Ceelo Green.

SYTYCD Canada!

Bollywood choreographer Longinus Fernandes choreographing Canadian dancers.


Collizion Dance Crew on MTV Amercia's Best Dance Crew.

Georgia Lottery Commercial

Actor Brandon Sauve, the hero in this commercial for Georgia Lottery. Tiffany Rosembath (pictured left) also booked as principal actress.


Kimberly Gipson (stage left) on tour with Beyonce.

America’s Got Talent (NBC)

Dragon House performing on AGT.

Anchorman 2

Margaret Moseley, Jessi Peralta, Bubba Carr, Dylan Cheek, Jeffrey Bailey, Dakota Smith as principal actors and dancers in Anchorman 2.

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

Jasmine Harper performing on Fox.


Kimberly Gipson (stage right) performing with Beyonce.

Southwest Commercial

Stacey Slichter and Tiffany Marshall principal actors in this commercial for Southwest.

Nashville (ABC)

Xcel dancers on set of Nashville, dancing for Hayden Panettiere.

Good Morning America (ABC)

Kimberly Gipson performing with Beyonce on ABC.

Slumdog Millionaire

Longinus Fernandes winner of Fred Astaire Awards for choreographing Slumdog Millionaire. The movie won 7 Oscars!

Jennifer Lopez

Ely Quinones (stage left) performing with JLo in Dubai.

The Tonight Show (NBC)

Dakota Smith performing on The Tonight Show with Cris Brown.

Chinet Commercial

Marc Fearney and Zhai Alejahn principal actors in this commercial for Chinet.

So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)

Jasmine Harper performing on FOX.


Kimberly Gipson & Saidah Nairobi center stage with Beyonce.

GoPro Web Commercial

Magic tricks by Arthur Cadre for GoPro cameras.

Tamar Braxton

Princess Mbanuzue & Tasha Bryant center stage with Tamar Braxton.

America’s Got Talent (NBC)

Dragon House on NBC.

Reebok Commercial

Dylan Cheek, lead actor in this commercial for Reebok with Allen Iverson, Shaquille O'Neal & Shawn Kemp.

So You Think You Can Dance (ABC)

Jasmine Harper performing with Twitch on Fox Network.

Iggy Azalea

Saidah Nairobi (stage left) performing @ American Music Awards.


Ely Quinones (stage right) performing with Neyo.

Coca-Cola Canada

Marquese Scott and Julius Chisolm star in this commercial for Coca-Cola Canada.